How Good A Tennis Parent Are You?


tennis parenting

This is the second post in our tennis parenting series,  following "Parenting My Champion - Getting Started Guide." As a parent, you influence your child’s experience in tennis through the actions you display and the opportunities and feedback you provide to your child.

However, sometimes it is difficult to know what feedback to provide to your child. What actions are the “right” actions, and how to best support your child? Below are a few tips to help guide your involvement in your child’s tennis. And we hope they help you help your child enjoy tennis and perform at his or her best.

The key factor underpinning successful parental involvement: Strive to understand and enhance your child’s tennis journey.

All children are individuals, with different interests, needs and potential. You play a critical role in helping your child enjoy their tennis journey and achieve their desired outcome. Ensuring you focus on your individual child (rather than comparing them to other children) is important because not all children will achieve the same outcomes or need the same support. It is also important to remember that children’s involvement in tennis can span an extensive period of time and over this time what children want from parents might change.

Tennis parents - it's the check-up time! Spend a moment, download and print this tennis parenting score card from USTA: Check your tennis parenting score, keep doing what you are already doing great and improve on things that you can do better to help with your junior's tennis!

Share with us your thoughts and how you are helping your kid in tennis? Meanwhile, check out our updated BTA junior and summer programs here.

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