A Guide for Successful Tennis Parenting


Tennis parents take notice: research has shown that tennis is one of the healthiest, least injurious sports youngsters can play.  Tennis is a lifetime sport.  It builds self-confidence and self-esteem.  It teaches self-discipline, self-reliance and respect for others.  But, above all, it provides a good way of performing physical exercise whilst having fun.  Today, more children than ever before are taking part in tennis.

You, as a parent, want to help your child to manage this new situation, as you do in other aspects of your child’s life: school, friends, family, etc.  You want your child to be happy, to have fun and to learn to play tennis to a reasonable level.  No doubt that’s why you encouraged them to be involved in the sport in the first place.

Eager parents often ask us with this question: what should I do to help my kid succeed in tennis? Over the years, we have met a lot of parents and have seen pretty much every way they do to help their kids' tennis, some being successful and others not.

Whether your junior is just starting tennis or has brought home a full stack of trophies, we'd like to recommend you have a read of this USTA power slides about how to become a successful tennis parent: https://bellevuetennisacademy.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/02/Tennis-Parenting-Part-1.pdf.

Share with us your thoughts and how you are helping your kid in tennis? Meanwhile, check out our updated junior programs here.

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