2018 Spring Break Tennis Bellevue Camps

The 2018 Spring Break Tennis Camp is here again!

Parents and juniors take notes: Bellevue Tennis Academy will hold the 2018 spring break camp for all kids and juniors!

To learn more about the upcoming 2018 spring break camp, follow this link or click the photo below!

2017 Spring Break Tennis Camp

2018 Spring Break Tennis Camp

Are you not tired of your kids spending their spring break relaxing, playing video games, or drifting? Have you considered the possibility of getting involved in an excellent activity?

In case you will like your kids and juniors to partake in something great during the next spring break, the best thing to do is to sign them up for an exciting, fun-filled spring break tennis camp!

Bellevue Tennis Academy is an incredible place to introduce your young ones to the delights of playing tennis. We can help them advance their enthusiasm about tennis as a sport.

Our spring break session comprises of tennis strokes, serves, overheads, volleys, games. We also offer lunch or snacks.

Our team of highly skilled, dedicated coaches will help your kids and juniors to perfect and improve their tennis skills. They will be in charge of guiding these kids. They will do this in an engaging, and nurturing environment.

Our coaches are always ready to work with players of ages 4 to 18. They will put them through on different strokes, playing techniques, and strategies that coincide with their level of play.

What you can Expect

We strive to ensure that all players accomplish their skill, training, and developmental goals on completing our spring-break camp.

We will group the players using their age and ability. This gives them an opportunity to experience an enhanced program, capable of challenging and pushing them to the next level. Our drills and exercises will prepare the players for high-school and college level play.

Follow this link to learn more.

We have limited space available. Please call Bellevue Tennis Academy to sign up today 206-954-3699.

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