10 Reasons Why Soccer Is Better Than Any Other Team Sport


When it comes to a team sport, playing baseball is one of the common choices of most kids in the United States. But for many players around the world, soccer sport is a better option.

  1. Easy to pick up and play

This is one of the major reasons why soccer is better to play than any other team sport. It does not require anyone to take a long time in learning the basic ways of playing soccer. It’s because the rules in this kind of team sport are easily defined and straightforward. You will leave your soccer training class without any confusion as you only need to learn few regulations and instruction.

  1. Popularity

Among other team sports, soccer is a popular sport around the globe. In fact, there are millions of soccer players around the world.

  1. Inexpensive

Unlike any other team sports, soccer is very inexpensive, that’s why there are lots of youngsters who are given the chance to play this kind of sport. Players don’t necessarily require spending big amount of money for their equipment. There are only 2 most pricey items; the cleats and the ball. But neither need to be overly costly. Shin guards, shorts, and jersey are just the other requirements.

  1. Global Reach

Another reason why soccer is better to play than any other kind of team sports is that it is truly globally reached. Soccer is mainly contained in North America. It’s just like a universal language which crosses traditional or cultural barriers. Soccer allow everyone in the world to share love and support for this game. Whether you’re in Belgium, Brazil or Burundi, you can find persons with common interest and awareness in soccer sports.

  1. Olympic Sport

Soccer is a consistent feature of Olympic since before. If you are dreaming of being an Olympic player, this kind of sport is the best choice for you.

  1. Support

Since there are millions of soccer players around the world, it’s not shocking that it has many fans than other team sports. In fact, soccer sport is the best option for those people who want to be an international recognized star in sports.

  1. Physical Requirements

One of the great advantages of soccer sports in any other team sports is that players don’t require physical strength. Fitness & athleticism are both important, however, you don’t really need to become physically imposed just to participate this kind of sport.

  1. Fluid Play

Soccer is a fluid sport and it’s one of the aspects which appeals to most players or fans. Unlike other team sports that stop, start to play with common pauses in every game.

  1. Injuries

Another reason why soccer is better to play than any other team sports is that it is less prone to injuries. Perhaps, it is very common for most players to encounter mild injuries while playing sports, but playing soccer is not like any other team sports.

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  1. International Competition

At professional or amateur levels, soccer sports always provide many great chances to participate internationally. In fact, there are a lot of youth teams that go abroad to compete. An individual player can also be trained in many different soccer training classes in the world. Apart from that, soccer can provide the opportunities in representing your team against other nations across the planet. It is something that other team sports cannot offer in a comparable way.


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