2017-2018 Winter Membership Updates


The rain has set in, the temperature is dropping, and the day gets dark sooner. Well - we all know that this is almost the winter time. With the wet and windy winter weather upon us, it’s always nice to have the option of playing on an indoor court. At Bellevue Tennis Academy, you can enjoy year round match play with friends and family on well lit and well maintained tennis courts indoor.

Here are the top reasons for joining BTA and playing tennis on an indoor court during the colder months


  • Play whenever you want. As any tennis player will tell you, the wind can make or break a game. Whether the ball is stopping in mid air, being pulled backwards, or whipped towards you, this weather is not easy to play in. Luckily, on indoor courts you don’t have to fight the forces, and you can enjoy your tennis session in relative peace.
  • Leave with as many tennis balls as you started with! One swing too strong and your tennis ball is lost forever over a fence. However, on indoor courts, there are either nets or walls to stop this happening, so you’ll never be short on balls again!
  • You can play with less kit. If it’s raining, you need a change of kit and trainers, various grips on the soles and other gear to keep your equipment dry. With indoor courts, however, you won’t need any additional accessories – just yourself, a tennis racquet, and the sports kit you’re wearing.



And there you have it! Those were our top reasons for playing indoor tennis at BTA. Our indoor courts are open from when your club opens, to the time right before it closes. So you can play tennis at whatever time suits you, whatever the weather. So why not choose a membership program that suits you and book a court this winter? You may even find your play buddy here!


We have updated our membership program for this winter and holiday season. Please follow this link to get the updates!

See you in the court.

Your BTA Staff


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